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Taylor Design is a strategy-based design firm with practices in Architectural Design, Interior Design and Design Strategy; with offices in northern and southern California.


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Our History

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In collaboration with our internal management team, Taylor Design kept the progress moving, stayed on schedule, and provided design leadership throughout the project. The team made the most of the design opportunities presented to deliver as many enhancements as the budget allowed in line with the UCSD Vision and Brand, and provided cost effective and innovative solutions.

Russ Onufer / Project Manager, UCSD Capital Program Management


In my 17 years of working with Kaiser, this was the best accessibility punch walk I have had... give yourselves a pat on the back as well. It has been a pleasure working with all of you.

Corina Wilkes / US Access Consultants


The Women’s Pavilion is the example of how a well-run project goes when there is collaboration between the owner, architect, contractor and inspectors. Pound for pound, it is the smoothest running project in Southern California.

John Donelan / Regional Compliance Officer, OSHPD

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