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Experiential and Sustainable Design for ORs

Explaining Experiential Design’s Benefit for Healthcare Facilities


For healthcare interiors today, the marriage of experiential design with sustainable materials and practices creates an environment that aids in positive patient outcomes while furthering the business and social responsibility interests of the healthcare organization.

Experiential design is not a new concept. For many years, retail stores and other purveyors of goods have been attracting customers with the opportunity to do more than just shop. Examples of this effort to shape the customer experience include bookstores that sell coffee and snacks, and malls that sponsor free on-site massages.

Tom‚Äôs Shoes offers a different spin on experiential retail by allowing the buyer the opportunity to take an active role in the company‚Äôs charitable efforts. In the ‚ÄúStand for Tomorrow‚ÄĚ promotion, Tom‚Äôs customers can direct a portion of their purchase price to one of six social causes that the company supports. In this way, consumers know that at least some of the money they spend on a product will have a social impact.

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