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Innovative Genomics Institute Building Office to Laboratory Space Conversion

The Innovative Genomics Institute Building (IGIB) was originally designed as the Energy Bioscience Building (EBB) to address basic scientific problems that limit the ability to utilize the energy of the sun and other carbon-neutral fuels. The building has since pivoted research to focus on molecular biology, genomics, and CRISPR-based genome technology.


We proposed a combination of wet-lab bench work and support spaces, including areas for shared lab equipment, BSL2 work, and multidisciplinary collaboration. The entrepreneurial scientists will be focusing on translational research in functional genomics, stem cell therapies, gene editing innovation, and delivery technologies. In addition, the space will be regularly shown to visitors, donors, and tour groups. The design reflects the space’s prominent location on the first floor and will showcase research while remaining cohesive with the design of the rest of the building.


UC Berkeley

Project Size:

2,100 SF