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UCSD Popmintchev LABS

Human-Centered Design for Popmintchev LABS

By Jen Leonard for LAB MANAGER

Develop a design guide to address the needs of lab workers.

In preparation to lead the design and construction of Popmintchev LABS at the University of California, San Diego, Taylor Design performed a human-centered design analysis to better understand the needs and motivations of the scholars working in the lab. The result was a 29-page “Design Insights” guide. Divided into five key sections, the document considered the following themes.

Timing and lab rhythms. “The heart of a laser system beats non-stop, but the energy of the lab fluctuates over the course of the day.” This section’s goal was to inform the design team on lighting and energy requirements, as well as how often and how many people would likely be in the space at any given time. In addition to some important design directives, such ensuring sufficient corridor space and movable furniture, it inspired a color-based organization system.

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