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Taylor Design is a strategy-based design firm with practices in Architectural Design, Interior Design and Design Strategy; with offices in northern and southern California.


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Gretchen Loufek celebrating 20 years at Taylor Design

Celebrating 20 Years with Gretchen Loufek

An interview with Gretchen Loufek, Senior Associate | Director of Finance

How did you first become involved with Taylor Design?

I was working with Dave Ullman and he suggested I call his wife, Linda Taylor as her company could benefit from my skill sets. I met with her the following day and 20 years later I am still working for Taylor Design.

Why have you chosen to stay at Taylor Design?

I think I was a good match with my expertise and the culture. I thoroughly enjoy working with creative people and that is what we do. We work with clients who are looking for guidance, problem solving, and beautiful solutions. I am proud of the work we do and the contributions we make towards making people’s lives better.

What inspires you in the work you do?

I love the way we approach projects and the time we invest on the front end with users and exploring their needs, visions, and fulfilling their dreams. Most companies need accountants, but to be one in a company that uses creativity, innovation, and technical expertise to help others inspires and fulfills me.

What have you gained from working at Taylor Design?

It is my nature to think and act as an owner as I have done so in my previous employment. The difference at Taylor Design is everyone is an owner and the energy, care, and contributions from all employees is far greater than anywhere I have previously worked. I am passionate about what I do, and it is so much more joyful to work with so many people who share that passion.

What has been your favorite experience working at Taylor Design?

I love the site visit tours! In my role as an accountant, I am not directly involved in the solutions and creations, so the project updates have been a huge source of information for me. The icing on the cake that excites me is going to the sites and seeing firsthand and hearing the stories of how things came to be.

Name one word that describes what Taylor Design means to you.