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Taylor Design is a strategy-based design firm with practices in Architectural Design, Interior Design and Design Strategy; with offices in northern and southern California.


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Celebrating 15 Years with Lauren Edwards

An interview with Lauren Edwards, Administrative Manager

How did you first become involved with Taylor Design?

I was first introduced to Taylor Design when my cousin was leaving her position as receptionist and referred me for the job. It was only the second office job I had and a lot closer to home, but what sold me was how highly she spoke of her coworkers and the work environment. I became a project coordinator after about a year, and once I completed my Human Resource degree, I became Administrative Manager.

Why have you chosen to stay at Taylor Design?

Initially, I stayed because Taylor has always been very supportive of my personal needs as well as my professional goals. Whether I needed to shift my schedule for classes, wanted to help with the accounting department, or when I switched my major from accounting to human resources, they were beyond flexible and encouraging. However, looking back on the past 15 years I can say that what has ultimately kept me here is that I love who I work with and what we do.

What inspires you in the work you do?

My coworkers inspire me. Each and every one of them is constantly working to improve their skills, learning things to help them in their craft, and teaching others. It’s this motivation that results in the great projects we are able to give to our communities.

What have you gained from working at Taylor Design?

I’ve gained a deeper appreciation for what it takes to create a space, not just any space, but one that must be designed in such a specific way as to keep people safe and healthy at every turn, help them be efficient, and be warm and welcoming.

What has been your favorite experience working at Taylor Design?

My favorite experiences are the employee events: frisbee, ice cream sundaes, office Olympics at midsummer madness, company picnics in the park, the harbor cruise, whale watching, and the Huntington Beach scavenger hunt to name a few. While these may just be the extracurriculars, they are the times you get to discover hidden skills like picking up paper clips with chopsticks, see who’s willing to go the extra mile for an unknown prize, and get to know people you may not otherwise be able to spend too much time with.

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